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Welcome to Cruz Ctrl Music, an Audio Branding agency that helps your message, brand, vision and voice come to life through your own custom, unique sound.  Click the "Discover Your Sound" button below to find out how you can elevate your message and deliver a new brand experience for your audience.


Before you start your videos or share an idea, use an audio logo to help your audience associate your brand with your sound. The 3 - 5 second sound clip is typically paired with your animated logo, a creative way to differentiate your brand signature.


Watch what our amazing clients have to say about working with us:
Ravi Abuvala
Ed Stulak
Alexa Eden
Travis King
Apache Wild Native



Justyn Cruz is a creative entrepreneur who’s passionate about audio, developing branded sounds and music for his clients. As founder of Cruz Ctrl Music, he’s fused his passion into his business and built a leading company in audio branding, bringing together audio engineers and musical artists that create strategies and content to build brands and develop artists. Overseeing the production process from start to finish, Justyn’s driven by the value his team can bring to his clients by bringing their message and vision to life. 


Justyn Cruz


Sami Fares is an Artists and Repertoire (A&R) turned Producer who has both music industry knowledge and an ear for talent. By staying on top of music trends, Sami provides aspiring and established musical artists unparalleled guidance in the recording studio, helping them tap into their full potential. He is proud to call CCM home as he works with the team to elevate artists on their creative journey.


Sami Fares

Voice Over

Are you looking for the perfect voice to fit your commercial, ad, product or jingle?  Our team of voice over professionals can assist in creating memorable voice overs for your message.
Aduri Meditation Cushion Demo
Delta Express
Birds Eye
Pure Michigan
Gateway To Freedom
Conscious Awareness

Audio Logos

Podcast Production

Everyone these days is starting a podcast, so how do you stand out?  In the same way you have a voice, we want your podcast to sound like you. Together, we’ll create a custom intro and outro for your podcast that will set the tone for what you’re going to share.
Leaders Create Leaders Podcast Intro
Do Whatever It Takes Podcast
The Community Builder Podcast
The Humbling Truth Conversations Podcast Intro
Deep Convos Only Podcast
The Olami Impact Podcast

Custom Music Production & Sound FX

From soundtracks to videos to commercials and more, we’ll work with you to develop original, high-quality music to elevate your message and set the right tone for your project.
Gerard Adams' Leaders Create Leaders S4 Theme Song
Silver Lining
Hero's Journey
Radiance Festival

Audio Social Posts

In a world bombarded by visual media, it's tough to stand out on social media these days.  Audio social posts are meant to engage your audience’s ears while letting their eyes take a break. It’s a new way to share your content and develop your social media strategy.

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